Don’t settle so quick: Keneeka mother says Activist misrepresented family and ‘didn’t view the footage’

The Keneeka Jenkins investigation continues to spiral as more leads come to light. Many confirmed the 19-year-old friends as the suspects behind her murder but another video has surfaced proving their innocence. Thursday, Sep. 14, Chicago Activists, Andrew Holmes took to a press conference addressing the case on behalf of the victim’s family.

Holmes, explained that the surveillance footage showed the young lady staggering into the kitchen and opening the two door freezer  by herself! No foul play or force had been displayed within the footage. Thousands have wondered whether she was led down there,  “…the answer to that is no,” he answered. Holmes’ account destroyed many of the theories across that were on social media platforms.

Not so fast, hold up! Jenkins mother, Teresa Martin says the protest had misrepresented her family and that Holmes had not viewed the footage let alone give his personal accounts.

…OK, so was he lying or no?

When a woman at the protest questioned Martin about Holmes and the accuracy of his account, Martin responded that the information given was false! ☕️🤦🏾‍♀️👀

We all have wondered where the footage was in beginning when the mother asked the hotel. Why is it suddenly accessible? Martin  feels there is still more to the investigation being how shady or “hush, hush” the Rosemont hotel acted.  Martin ended with, “whatever happened will come to the light!”

My head is throbbing from all this confusion…what about you all? 😳🤦🏾‍♀️

With the help of online investigators, a Chicago authority said the case has been made “very difficult to solve.” I think we can all agree with that! It’s so hard to believe what’s the truth and a lie. Many have dismissed the entire story along with its multiple theories!

Let’s let these professionals do their job, this is a murder investigation not a trend! Like Martin stated, whatever happened will come to th light!

That’s real, that’s tea ☕️ 

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Breaking News: Two bodies found on 45th & Benton

Kansas City, MO– Two bodies have been discovered on the 4500 block of Benton Blvd. The victims were discovered this morning upon a disturbance call from a resident at 6:25a.m.

The two victims were discovered inside a residence along the block. The incident is a result from a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. Their identities have yet to be released. A 16-year-old male has been reported to be in the home but he is OK. The teen will go to stay with a family member temporarily. These two murders will make Kansas City’s 107th homicide this year.

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Issa Rae turns from awkward into ‘Cover Girl’ with major Campaign deal!

Issa Rae, writer and actress of HBO series ‘Insecure’ lands a major campaign with Cover Girl. Rae will serve as the new face for the makeup brand and everyone is here for it! Yaaas Queen!

We all remember  Issa from her YouTube webseries Awkward Black Girl, which touched on the adversities us black girls face daily. The young writer evolved from her webseries to her hit HBO series ‘Insecure’. Now, her new role as the Cover girl ambassador adds the cherry on top of a sweet career. Watching her grow and evolve has been a pleasure yet inspiring to all women battling stereotypes and stigmas.

While many see Issa Rae as the perfect fit, Rae expressed how shocked she was initially. She took to Twitter to share how she felt. “In all my awkward, black years I NEVER imagined I’d be @COVERGIRL. SO honored & SO excited,” Rae tweeted from her personal account.

Even though Season Two of Insecure has concluded, all fans now look forward to seeing Issa every time a Cover Girl commercial or magazine graces their eyes! Congratulations Issa and thank you for being an inspiration to us all! ☕️😘❤️

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Solane Stephens: New Queen of Tennis after US Open Victory 👀✊🏾

Solane Stephens is back on the court making big noise and bringing attention after her first major title victory. The American tennis player, played against Madison Keys during the US Open Saturday, Sep. 9 at the Flushing Meadows, NY tennis court.

Returning from an recent foot injury, Solane was invited to the USTA. That invite was all she needed to take off. Her performance throughout the tournament was an overall shock to herself, due to her time off.

“…Coming into the US Open, I was like Wow, I’m really playing good! This was a shock to me because this is my fifth tournament,” she shared with Good Morning America.

Stephens also shared how she initially reacted when she learned that she was the champion. Her dream had finally come true and all credit was given to her mother. The once 957th ranked player, was always a winner in the eyes of her mother. Sybil explained that support is “Simply what a parent does,” in an interview with Good Morning America. 👏🏾 Good job, Ma!

Support definitely paid off for the young athlete and her Cinderella win. In other news, Stephens’ overnight beast-mode has many wondering whether she is the ‘new queen of tennis’. 🤔👀 Let’s not forget that Serena Williams is on maternity leave…☕️

In all reality, this is not to place two beautifully, talented and most importantly melaniated sistahs against one another. Kudos and major congratulations are in order for Mrs. Stephens! The @teakettleblog is so here for this! So proud of you for breaking barriers and claiming what’s yours. Thank you for your heroism!

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Chicago Teen allegedly set friend up to be raped and murdered

After what was supposed to be a weekend full of fun filled memories with friends, ended in a night of cruel, foul play for a Chicago teen. The 19-year-old, Keneeka Martin, was found dead in a freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The victims’ mother, shared with authorities that her daughter told her she was going to be bowling and going to the movies with friends for the weekend. Leads from social media share otherwise.

A video via Facebook has went viral serving as potential evidence to the mysterious death of the teen. The video shows one of Martin’s friends, Irene Roberts, who appeared to be having a hotel party in celebration for her birthday. 👀 Doesn’t sound like bowling at all. Along with Roberts, is 18-year-old, Monifa Shelton, Keneeka’s best friend and 18-year-old, Abreonna Mays. While Roberts is going live via Facebook, the other two teens linger in the background.

The young ladies can be heard entertaining their male company. The gentlemen never showed their faces to the camera, masking their identity.  To conincide with the background dialogue is the reflection of Roberts glasses. Her sunglasses provided a view of the other side of the hotel room. 👓 ‼️Many of the Facebook community are in uproar after claiming, the young teen can  be heard whimpering and crying for help. Her friends supposedly continued look on as she was assaulted, only turning the music up to drown out her cries.

While no no one knows for sure what happened to Keneeka Martin, many feel her friends know exactly what occurred. The teens explained to Martin’s mother as they returned her car, that they lost Martin within the hotel and was unable to find her. 🤔 ☕️☕️

Something is is not right!  Codolences to the family of the young lady and hopes that justice will be served. The teakettle will continue to follow along as the story unravels.

If you haven’t seen the video click the link below to see it for yourself!

Marcus Peters Stands Up by sitting down during the National Anthem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The most silent protest made the most noise during Thursday night’s season opener. Kansas City Chiefs cornerback, Marcus Peters, showed his stance on the Colin Kapernick protest by taking a seat while others stood acknowledging the National Anthem. Chiefs fans are sounding off feeling Peters is bringing unwanted attention to the team. Fans also expressed how disrespectful it is to the country and those who serve to take a seat during such a traditional acknowledgement.

Sips tea.

What about the disrespect African Ameri-nevermind. While many fans are outraged by the young cornerback’s actions, those of the Black community are applauding Peters activism. Protesting during the National Anthem isn’t anything new for Peters. Before the Chiefs played the Chargers on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Peters raised his fist in the air exemplifying Black Power while the National Anthem played. Now, don’t be surprised if he receives backlash throughout the entire season for this.

Just like Kapernick, several other African American NFL athletes in unison with the movement have succumbed to threats, lack of support and much more. Sounds like modern day racism to me 🤷🏾‍♀️

No need to pull the race card, when the card is lying on the table. No secrecy, all obvious.

Think about it, back in the day our African Americans were threatened and even murdered if they even thought about protesting or voting for their rights. Sound familiar? Despite the strong support that Peters is receiving from the “woke” Black community, there are some who feel as if taking a seat or a knee isn’t enough to make a difference.

🤔 Sips tea.

What’s the old saying? You can’t please everyone.  That’s real, that’s tea ☕️

Honestly teasippers, what are your thoughts on the matter? If you didn’t see it, click the link below and get a glimpse. When you’re done, drop a comment! Let’s talk!

Is our RiRi prego?? Take a look at Rihanna’s latest fashion and weight 👀

Is the beloved and bad girl RiRi pregnant or nah? After looking at the artists latest fashion trends and obvious weight gain, we all can’t help but to wonder.

Take a sip wimmie.

Now everyone, let’s be serious…we all know Rihanna to be open with herself as well as her body. Not too long ago did we not witness the singer in a transparent, diamonded studded, gown? Or what about the high wasted cheek shorts with the base of th cheek hanging out and crop top? …👀

Now, according to several sources, Rihanna has been in nothing more than baggy clothing, from the jean outfit to the beige overalls! I know I can’t be the only one tea sippers, let’s be serious!

Also, several images perfectly expose the voluptuous curves of the Barbados princess, leaving many to wonder whether her weight gain is due to pregnancy or a mere coincidence.

Is Rihanna pregnant and trying to mask it or what? I guess we’re going to find out sooner than later. I couldn’t help but to ask lol Someone please get not only myself but the rest of my teasippers hip!

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Authorities informed on Adrian Jones abuse in an entire outline prior to his death

(Fri. May 12,  2017) Kansas City, MO–

It has been released to the public that the authorities were informed on the abuse of Adrian Jones. Adrian Jones, was the 8-year-old boy who lost his life to the hands of unfit parents. He was neglected and starved up until his dying day. His remains were fed to pigs to cover up the evidence of the abuse.

According to social work documents, Adrian’s abuse was outlined and rated as “high risk” of abuse and neglect. Despite the gruesome details described in Adrian’s account, the child still remained in this unfit and dangerous environment. Social workers documented everything from the “pupil living in inhabitant living quarter’s” to pictures of Adrian’s malnourished condition.

Many local residents and neighbors  have  reported signs of abuse on the child after the child repeatedly reaches out to them. Still, nothing was done to change his situation. Now, we’re left with the question, Why? Why were the outlines of Adrian’s abuse ignored? Why wasn’t he removed from the living conditions and placed with his Grandmother? There are so many questions yet there are no answers.

There was one detailed description within the outline that broke everyone’s heart across the city. Adrian, described some of the daily abuse to his social work officer.

“My mother hits me in the back of my head and a little bone pops out,” Adrian described.

The child also explained how he was sometimes locked in a closet and no one came to nurture him. Adrian also told authorities how his father punched him in his stomach and how painful it was. Again, why wasn’t this child rescued?

As of May 10, 2017, the father was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole in the future. Relatives of Adrian feel even that sentence isn’t enough and still won’t bring their beloved Adrian back.

As the story continues to update, @teakettleblog will keep viewers updated on any further details.

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What’s tea ☕️?Trending Celebrity topics: #BowWowChallenge, etc.

The internet has been on a roll lately as the latest celebrity trends flood social media. All over the world, followers of all ages are influenced by the latest challenges, movements, fashion trends and more! Which one is your favorite? Let’s run through the hottest celebrity trends shall we?

Bow Wow Challenge

We all know the internet is no place for faking! If you didn’t know well now you know thanks to Mr. Lame himself, Bow Wow. Thousand of Instagramers have been on Shad’s heels after he was caught faking for the gram. Apparently he posted a picture of him getting on a private jet when in reality he was flying coach like us regular folk! Now everyone on Instagram has been posting pics of them “fake flexing” for their followers!

The F@*K Boy Free Movement

After several celebrity affairs have hit the air, a few celebrity husbands have lost their ladies to the F@*k Boy Free Movement. Wives like Rasheeda, Tammy and Lala, have gained more glow since separating from their husbands than they did when they were first married. Right on ladies!

Nicki Minaj Pays college tuition for Fans

Damn, this makes me want re-enroll in undergraduate school. Lol Word on the net is that Ms. Minaj is willing to pay the college tuition of randomn fans with an impressive G.P.A. So to the procrastinating  students and  Barbies out there, tighten up and get on that wave! Take it from someone who’s paying Sallie Mae right now! Lol

Raggedy clothes and shoes fashion trend??

We all remember the Kanye west shirts that were torn up and dirty right? Apparently there are shoes that are matching his fly. These high top sneakers that are torn from heel to toe are running for $1,500 a pair! All in favor of saying to “hell nah” type “I” in the comment box. I know I’m not the only one that’s completely over this fashion trend.

There are plenty of trending celebrity topics but these are some the teakettle’s favorite!  Take a sip wimmie next time my teasippers. If you have others that need to be on the list feel free to drop them in the comment box.

Thats’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

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Free meals and deals for Mother’s Day 2017

(Wed. May 10, 2017) Kansas City, MO–

It’s that time of year again! Give it up one time for all the Mother’s in the house! Let’s take the time to acknowledge the nurturing and amazing women out there for all things they do.  Whether you have no plans or no funds, some  of your local favorites have Mother’s Day covered for you. Several businesses are offering discounted  meals and deals for local mother’s as well as their families. Catch this tea! ☕️ Don’t miss out!

For your appetite and entertainment, here are a few businesses participating in Mother’s Day deals:


With a purchase of a drink (alcoholic and non alcoholic)  mothers will receive a free entree’ of their choice from the Hooter’s Mother’s Day menu! Mmmm. You might want to RSVP… 👀

LaMars Donuts: Coffee, cakes and donuts!

Have any early morning Mother’s Day plans with the madre? Don’t step out on an empty stomach. Drop by any LaMars Donuts location for a free red velvet cake donut (or any donut of their choice) along with a coffee to wash it down!

Kansas City Zoo

If you’re  feeling animalistic and on the adventurous side, then take a trip to the zoo for free! All mothers are granted free admission all day! So grab the crew and hit the Kansas City Zoo!

Blue Moose Bar and Grill: Breakfast buffet and Bottomless Mimosas 

Hopefully you and mother work up an appetite this Sunday because the Blue Moose Bar and Grill will have it on lock! Check out  the various locations for the Blue Moose Bar and  Grill for their breakfast buffet and $10 bottomless Mother’s Day mimosas.

Also be sure to check out th historic 18th and Vine, Power & Light District as well as other popular KC spots that’s aren’t listed above! Suggest them but dropping a comment in the response box below!

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