Black Girl Magic floods Kansas City as businesses continue to thrive

Kansas City, MO– This year has been filled with creativity and hustle when it comes to women entrepreneurs. From the starting month of January until now, more than a dozen black female owned businesses have launched! If there is one thing that needs to be said, it is congratulations ladies and we’re proud of you sis!

If you can think it, our ladies have brought it to a city near you! Everything from fashion lines, boutiques, salons, restaurants, firms and daycares, etc., have flooded Kansas City streets. It is safe to say that this year has been full fledge grit mode! This only makes things more exciting for the upcoming year.

Thanks to the Wing Bar, we now have mobile delivery of quality wings after a night of party going or simply not wanting to cook. Thank you Jasmine Diane for creating the infamous brunches that link other women entrepreneurs with one another. We can’t forget about the beauticians, cosmetologist and nail techs that keep us on slay! The list goes own and we can’t thank you all enough!

For my ladies still in the process, keep going sis. We are all rooting for you!

There definitely needs to be an awards and recognition ceremony for all of this magic! If you have any ideas, comments or shouts outs please feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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Marcus Peters Calls Trump Out!

Kansas City, Mo– Chiefs Cornerback, Marcus Peters calls Trump out after his latest tweeting rant. President Trump tweeted his dislike of the actions of Raiders, Marshawn Lynch. He ordered that the NFL to permanently suspend Lynch for his overt disrespect towards the national anthem. Peters followed up President Trump’s tweet with one of his own!

At 5:25 a.m. Our dear President tweets, “Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders stands for the Mexican Anthem and sits down to boos for our National Anthem. Great disrespect!” He begins.

“Next time NFL should suspend him for remainder of season. Attendance and ratings way down.”

First of all why do you have that much time on your h- never mind. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Peters then tweets back stating how Trump, Lynch, himself and others should all sit down and have a talk. 👀

“What’s going on big dog I know we got a lot to talk about how about we set up a sit down, Me, you, @MoneyLynch and more and talk about some sh***” O.K. Peters wants to get to the bottom of the madness!

He the follows up with a later tweet saying how he wasn’t trying to be disrespectful but genuinely wanted to talk about some things.

Bold move Marcus and we’re here for it all! You’ve made it apparent with your protest throughout the season. Let’s see how this goes. Will President Trump clap back or stand for something?

Don’t worry, the @teakettleblog will keep you updated!

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Get pretty and sip pretty at the Pretty Bar Makeup Lounge

Kansas City, MO– Ladies, look no more, the Pretty Bar has arrived! If you’re into makeup, great vibes and good drinks, this is the place for you. After recently opening its doors this past Saturday , November 18, there is nothing more but optimism and success in store for the shops future. Congratulations to the owner, Gina Victoria and her Pretty Glam Squad!

Finally, the ladies of Kansas City have a space to retort to before stepping out. The Pretty Bar Makeup Lounge offers an upscale environment with professional beauty services…oh and let’s not forget the drinks! From makeup, brow and lash artists, this spot has it all.

Located in the heart of Downtown Kansas City, MO, off of 9th and McGee, the central location caters to the Power and Light District patrons. The all white interior with the touch of pink and much GLAM, creates the aura of beauty immediately upon arrival. Whether it’s a date or a normal work day, stop by 927 McGee and get slayed and your face beat the right way! Tell them the teakettle sent you!

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Don’t worry about who isn’t in your corner! Keep hustling.

As an entrepreneur, I’m bound to face many obstacles and challenges. Usually I’m able to brush things off, but some things stick with me.  I’m used to being doubted as a freelance  public relations specialist. I get that. I’m used to having to explain exactly what the hell public relations consists of. I get that. But never have I’ve been discredited or overlooked. At least, if I have, this is my first time really feeling it!

I was told by a local  Kansas City business owner that I basically speak “too highly of myself” and that I should “bring it down a few notches.”


I took it too heart because I constantly profess the importance of being confidently humble. That is a thing you know.  It baffled me. Like, I felt that it must have been true since it came from a credible source, but then I put some thought to it. Crabs come in various shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.

Nothing more took the cake than being dropped like a bad habit by a client. No explanation, no farewell, just a breached contract and silence.

Well damn.

I wanted to give up on Kansas City, my hometown. A place that motivated me to give back, but I didn’t and I won’t. It’s a apart of me that feels that this is the very moment that births a mean hustle. With all the doubt, lost friends, pointless projects and so much more, this is it!

It’s one of those testimonies to take a look back on once further along in your career.  One thing to learn and take heed to, Never worry about who isn’t in your corner. Keep hustling period.

That’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

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Small business Saturday is coming: Who are you supporting?

Kansas City, MO– This is  the season of giving, love, good food and most importantly…Small Business Saturday. November 25, marks this years calendar for the day small businesses get to flourish and gain the support from their neighbors and family. The question is, who are you supporting?

If you’re from Kansas City, then you have a plethora of small businesses to choose from. From coffee shops, grocery stores, fish markets and much more! For the people that prefer to stay home, online shopping is also an option! The choices are unlimited! Make it an all day thing and plan out several places to visit with the family!

No shade to the major corporations and franchises, but November 25th has been resevered for the local Ma and Pop restaurants, hair salons, barbershops and chicken spots! It’s for the local cook that remembers your Wednesday special as soon as you walk in! Let’s not forget the daycare who looked out for the entire neighborhood! How do you plan to show your token of appreciation?

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, it’s been handled! Below is a list of a few #teakettleapproved restaurants and shops to visit!

1. Lutfi’s Fried Fish

2. Leon’s Thriftway

3. Ruby Jean’s Juicery

4. Niece’s Restaurant

5. King Krabz KC

6. Empire 1 Photography

7. La’Chi’s Hair Salon

8. Diamond Cuts

9. Urban Cafe

10. Made Urban Apparel

Don’t see your favorite spot on here? Feel free to drop it in the comment section!

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Facebook private groups leading to jail time and broken homes

‘Is this your man sis?’ The simple Facebook group has gone viral and onto a whole different level. What began as a small private Facebook group amongst women has caused major issues across multiple states. Women in Memphis, Tennessee, started the private group in hopes of exposing cheating men.

Similar to the infamous ‘Beard Gang’ viral Facebook group, to  gain access to the page, one would  request admission or send an invite. Once accepted, it’s fair game to lurk and post pictures of a fling …or husband!  Unlike the friendly ‘Beard Gang’ group, to no avail, bickering, violence and threats were the end results of this matter.

Some women have reportedly threatened one another to the point of persecution. Other have actually pursued such actions. According to a Memphis news source, FOX13, such accusations and images have not only created a series domestic violence cases but violates the Tennessee legislature regarding intimate images.

Sips tea.

Not only has the group began in Memphis but has traveled as far as Kansas City, MO!

Woah there.

Though the group has thus been shut down for a the Memphis women, things have just started heating up in the Show Me state city. For a consecutive two days, a majority of Kansas City women have tuned in to the mass exposure of husbands, boyfriends and baby father’s!

To add fuel to the fire, the fellas have also created their own group which follows the same concept. No details yet as to what they’ve titled it but tea is many aren’t feeling it at all! Things are chill now but some feel the issues are merely simmering. It’s just a matter of time before things get ugly!

That’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

What are your thoughts? Does these groups violate the code? Drop a message in the comment section! Let’s chat!


Don’t settle so quick: Keneeka mother says Activist misrepresented family and ‘didn’t view the footage’

The Keneeka Jenkins investigation continues to spiral as more leads come to light. Many confirmed the 19-year-old friends as the suspects behind her murder but another video has surfaced proving their innocence. Thursday, Sep. 14, Chicago Activists, Andrew Holmes took to a press conference addressing the case on behalf of the victim’s family.

Holmes, explained that the surveillance footage showed the young lady staggering into the kitchen and opening the two door freezer  by herself! No foul play or force had been displayed within the footage. Thousands have wondered whether she was led down there,  “…the answer to that is no,” he answered. Holmes’ account destroyed many of the theories across that were on social media platforms.

Not so fast, hold up! Jenkins mother, Teresa Martin says the protest had misrepresented her family and that Holmes had not viewed the footage let alone give his personal accounts.

…OK, so was he lying or no?

When a woman at the protest questioned Martin about Holmes and the accuracy of his account, Martin responded that the information given was false! ☕️🤦🏾‍♀️👀

We all have wondered where the footage was in beginning when the mother asked the hotel. Why is it suddenly accessible? Martin  feels there is still more to the investigation being how shady or “hush, hush” the Rosemont hotel acted.  Martin ended with, “whatever happened will come to the light!”

My head is throbbing from all this confusion…what about you all? 😳🤦🏾‍♀️

With the help of online investigators, a Chicago authority said the case has been made “very difficult to solve.” I think we can all agree with that! It’s so hard to believe what’s the truth and a lie. Many have dismissed the entire story along with its multiple theories!

Let’s let these professionals do their job, this is a murder investigation not a trend! Like Martin stated, whatever happened will come to th light!

That’s real, that’s tea ☕️ 

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Breaking News: Two bodies found on 45th & Benton

Kansas City, MO– Two bodies have been discovered on the 4500 block of Benton Blvd. The victims were discovered this morning upon a disturbance call from a resident at 6:25a.m.

The two victims were discovered inside a residence along the block. The incident is a result from a domestic dispute between a man and a woman. Their identities have yet to be released. A 16-year-old male has been reported to be in the home but he is OK. The teen will go to stay with a family member temporarily. These two murders will make Kansas City’s 107th homicide this year.

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Issa Rae turns from awkward into ‘Cover Girl’ with major Campaign deal!

Issa Rae, writer and actress of HBO series ‘Insecure’ lands a major campaign with Cover Girl. Rae will serve as the new face for the makeup brand and everyone is here for it! Yaaas Queen!

We all remember  Issa from her YouTube webseries Awkward Black Girl, which touched on the adversities us black girls face daily. The young writer evolved from her webseries to her hit HBO series ‘Insecure’. Now, her new role as the Cover girl ambassador adds the cherry on top of a sweet career. Watching her grow and evolve has been a pleasure yet inspiring to all women battling stereotypes and stigmas.

While many see Issa Rae as the perfect fit, Rae expressed how shocked she was initially. She took to Twitter to share how she felt. “In all my awkward, black years I NEVER imagined I’d be @COVERGIRL. SO honored & SO excited,” Rae tweeted from her personal account.

Even though Season Two of Insecure has concluded, all fans now look forward to seeing Issa every time a Cover Girl commercial or magazine graces their eyes! Congratulations Issa and thank you for being an inspiration to us all! ☕️😘❤️

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Solane Stephens: New Queen of Tennis after US Open Victory 👀✊🏾

Solane Stephens is back on the court making big noise and bringing attention after her first major title victory. The American tennis player, played against Madison Keys during the US Open Saturday, Sep. 9 at the Flushing Meadows, NY tennis court.

Returning from an recent foot injury, Solane was invited to the USTA. That invite was all she needed to take off. Her performance throughout the tournament was an overall shock to herself, due to her time off.

“…Coming into the US Open, I was like Wow, I’m really playing good! This was a shock to me because this is my fifth tournament,” she shared with Good Morning America.

Stephens also shared how she initially reacted when she learned that she was the champion. Her dream had finally come true and all credit was given to her mother. The once 957th ranked player, was always a winner in the eyes of her mother. Sybil explained that support is “Simply what a parent does,” in an interview with Good Morning America. 👏🏾 Good job, Ma!

Support definitely paid off for the young athlete and her Cinderella win. In other news, Stephens’ overnight beast-mode has many wondering whether she is the ‘new queen of tennis’. 🤔👀 Let’s not forget that Serena Williams is on maternity leave…☕️

In all reality, this is not to place two beautifully, talented and most importantly melaniated sistahs against one another. Kudos and major congratulations are in order for Mrs. Stephens! The @teakettleblog is so here for this! So proud of you for breaking barriers and claiming what’s yours. Thank you for your heroism!

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