Facebook private groups leading to jail time and broken homes

‘Is this your man sis?’ The simple Facebook group has gone viral and onto a whole different level. What began as a small private Facebook group amongst women has caused major issues across multiple states. Women in Memphis, Tennessee, started the private group in hopes of exposing cheating men.

Similar to the infamous ‘Beard Gang’ viral Facebook group, to  gain access to the page, one would  request admission or send an invite. Once accepted, it’s fair game to lurk and post pictures of a fling …or husband!  Unlike the friendly ‘Beard Gang’ group, to no avail, bickering, violence and threats were the end results of this matter.

Some women have reportedly threatened one another to the point of persecution. Other have actually pursued such actions. According to a Memphis news source, FOX13, such accusations and images have not only created a series domestic violence cases but violates the Tennessee legislature regarding intimate images.

Sips tea.

Not only has the group began in Memphis but has traveled as far as Kansas City, MO!

Woah there.

Though the group has thus been shut down for a the Memphis women, things have just started heating up in the Show Me state city. For a consecutive two days, a majority of Kansas City women have tuned in to the mass exposure of husbands, boyfriends and baby father’s!

To add fuel to the fire, the fellas have also created their own group which follows the same concept. No details yet as to what they’ve titled it but tea is many aren’t feeling it at all! Things are chill now but some feel the issues are merely simmering. It’s just a matter of time before things get ugly!

That’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

What are your thoughts? Does these groups violate the code? Drop a message in the comment section! Let’s chat!



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