Is our RiRi prego?? Take a look at Rihanna’s latest fashion and weight 👀

Is the beloved and bad girl RiRi pregnant or nah? After looking at the artists latest fashion trends and obvious weight gain, we all can’t help but to wonder.

Take a sip wimmie.

Now everyone, let’s be serious…we all know Rihanna to be open with herself as well as her body. Not too long ago did we not witness the singer in a transparent, diamonded studded, gown? Or what about the high wasted cheek shorts with the base of th cheek hanging out and crop top? …👀

Now, according to several sources, Rihanna has been in nothing more than baggy clothing, from the jean outfit to the beige overalls! I know I can’t be the only one tea sippers, let’s be serious!

Also, several images perfectly expose the voluptuous curves of the Barbados princess, leaving many to wonder whether her weight gain is due to pregnancy or a mere coincidence.

Is Rihanna pregnant and trying to mask it or what? I guess we’re going to find out sooner than later. I couldn’t help but to ask lol Someone please get not only myself but the rest of my teasippers hip!

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