Authorities informed on Adrian Jones abuse in an entire outline prior to his death

(Fri. May 12,  2017) Kansas City, MO–

It has been released to the public that the authorities were informed on the abuse of Adrian Jones. Adrian Jones, was the 8-year-old boy who lost his life to the hands of unfit parents. He was neglected and starved up until his dying day. His remains were fed to pigs to cover up the evidence of the abuse.

According to social work documents, Adrian’s abuse was outlined and rated as “high risk” of abuse and neglect. Despite the gruesome details described in Adrian’s account, the child still remained in this unfit and dangerous environment. Social workers documented everything from the “pupil living in inhabitant living quarter’s” to pictures of Adrian’s malnourished condition.

Many local residents and neighbors  have  reported signs of abuse on the child after the child repeatedly reaches out to them. Still, nothing was done to change his situation. Now, we’re left with the question, Why? Why were the outlines of Adrian’s abuse ignored? Why wasn’t he removed from the living conditions and placed with his Grandmother? There are so many questions yet there are no answers.

There was one detailed description within the outline that broke everyone’s heart across the city. Adrian, described some of the daily abuse to his social work officer.

“My mother hits me in the back of my head and a little bone pops out,” Adrian described.

The child also explained how he was sometimes locked in a closet and no one came to nurture him. Adrian also told authorities how his father punched him in his stomach and how painful it was. Again, why wasn’t this child rescued?

As of May 10, 2017, the father was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole in the future. Relatives of Adrian feel even that sentence isn’t enough and still won’t bring their beloved Adrian back.

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