What’s tea ☕️?Trending Celebrity topics: #BowWowChallenge, etc.

The internet has been on a roll lately as the latest celebrity trends flood social media. All over the world, followers of all ages are influenced by the latest challenges, movements, fashion trends and more! Which one is your favorite? Let’s run through the hottest celebrity trends shall we?

Bow Wow Challenge

We all know the internet is no place for faking! If you didn’t know well now you know thanks to Mr. Lame himself, Bow Wow. Thousand of Instagramers have been on Shad’s heels after he was caught faking for the gram. Apparently he posted a picture of him getting on a private jet when in reality he was flying coach like us regular folk! Now everyone on Instagram has been posting pics of them “fake flexing” for their followers!

The F@*K Boy Free Movement

After several celebrity affairs have hit the air, a few celebrity husbands have lost their ladies to the F@*k Boy Free Movement. Wives like Rasheeda, Tammy and Lala, have gained more glow since separating from their husbands than they did when they were first married. Right on ladies!

Nicki Minaj Pays college tuition for Fans

Damn, this makes me want re-enroll in undergraduate school. Lol Word on the net is that Ms. Minaj is willing to pay the college tuition of randomn fans with an impressive G.P.A. So to the procrastinating  students and  Barbies out there, tighten up and get on that wave! Take it from someone who’s paying Sallie Mae right now! Lol

Raggedy clothes and shoes fashion trend??

We all remember the Kanye west shirts that were torn up and dirty right? Apparently there are shoes that are matching his fly. These high top sneakers that are torn from heel to toe are running for $1,500 a pair! All in favor of saying to “hell nah” type “I” in the comment box. I know I’m not the only one that’s completely over this fashion trend.

There are plenty of trending celebrity topics but these are some the teakettle’s favorite!  Take a sip wimmie next time my teasippers. If you have others that need to be on the list feel free to drop them in the comment box.

Thats’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

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