Bounce TV becoming more popular than B.E.T.? Make that switch

We all can remember the infamous B.E.T. Channel, right? The only station that catered to the culture of the Black communities across the nation. It seems as if the nostalgia television station went sour after too many hands dug into the pot. After too many owners, budget cuts and the retiring of prominent shows like ‘106 & Park’, pushed minority viewers else where. That new home is Bounce T.V., ‘T.V. Our Way..’

I first came across the channel about two years ago with its debut of the popular black films, The Wiz, and Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’.  Feeling ashamed of having to watch “regular television,” I kept the deets to myself. It wasn’t until I began seeing many of my Facebook friends talking about it. They were joking about having a ‘knock off B.E.T. for free! They were joking, but I was high-key hooked! When I spoke with other friends they too felt as if it was ‘finally television for black folk’.

The Atlanta based television station, owned by Martin Luther King Jr. III and Andrew Young, is early in its journey but making far more noise than credited for! It was launched April 4, 2011 after reaching a group wide affiliation with Fox T.V. and more. With distributions in more than 22 markets, Bounce T.V. has everything from music videos of the hottest artists, black news segments to sitcoms and reality shows. In the morning you can catch ‘Bounce Beats’, your news segments at noon and your favorite movies or sitcoms throughout the remainder of the evening!

If you have a digital television or converter box, be sure to switch over to channel 38.2 and tune in! For those that already watch it, what’s your favorite show? Mines just happens to be ‘Saints and Sinners’ 👀☕️😉

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