Shooting at Swope Park Bandstand claims a victim

(Sunday, May 7, 2017)  Kansas City, MO– What was meant for family fun and farewells for local college graduates, turned into chaos leaving one gun shot victim. Party goers and witnesses are unaware of the reason behind the violence but it is all coming to light. Despite the fate the of the victim, Kansas City residents are fed up with constant violence.

The evening of Sunday, May 7 was filled with family festivities and celebrations as the graduation and prom season unraveled. There was a celebration for recent UCM and other local college graduates which took place at the infamous Bandstand located in Swope Park.

Kansas Citians know how prominent the Swope Park atmosphere can be, especially on a warm evening. Attendees of the party were in the midst of celebrating when gunfire broke out around 8:32 p.m. A reported 911 call wasn’t made until 9 p.m. Law enforcement arrived at the scene, releasing pepper spray for crowd control purposes. The gun shot victims was shot in the chest. They were rushed to Research Medical Center, it is unknown whether they’ve recovered or succumbed to their injury. Their identity is also to remain anonymous. It is however, unfortunate that the night had to end in this manner.

Prayers and positive vibes to the victim, family, friends and anyone else effected by the altercation.

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