Teen graduates college before high school

Just when I thought I’ve seen all things, this news comes along. At just 18 years ,Raven Osborne, receives her degree before graduating high school. Straight out of Gary, Indiana, this young queen shows the world that as long as you focus and put your mind to your goal, it will happen.

Many have questioned how she was able to complete college before high school, being that secondary education is the prerequisite to a college admission. But the gag is, she went to both high school and college at the same time!

While attending 21st Century Charter School, Osborne also began taking courses at a local community college. Raven finished strong this receiving her Associate’s degree in general studies. The young queen continued to further her education at Purdue Northwestern University, majoring in Sociology and a minor and Early Childhood Studies. On Friday, May 5, Ms. Osborne will grace the college stage with her presence receiving her Bachelor’s degree. Following her college commencement will be her high school graduation on Monday, May 22.

She’s not done either…

Check this, after both ceremonies, Raven will begin her career (yes, career) with her new job as a teacher at the very high school she just graduated from! She shared with CBS news how many thought that she was lying about the entire ordeal.

Raven Osborne, not only beat the odds but exceeded the odds by graduating both college and high school while be labeled with a learning disability. Ms. Osborne shared with many that her motivation to be a go-getter came from her mother, Hazel Osborne. Raven shared that if it wasn’t for her mother she wouldn’t have went as far as she did. She wanted to quit, especially in her times of discouragement but the young queen prevailed.

“My mother always told me that I could do whatever I wanted to in my life,” Osborne told the Northwest Indiana Post Tribune.

All I have to say is, Kudos to you Queen! I’m here for it all. I wish you all the best in the future endeavours! The journey just begun. Let’s do work. To those that are feeling discouraged, use this testimony as fuel to your fire. You got this, I’m rooting for you.

That’s real. That’s tea.

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