Does leaving your hometown help your career grow?

I’m from Kansas City, MO aka the non supportive City at least that’s what many refer to it as. I myself can see what this side of the crowd is speaking of. There are so many people within the city with a plethora of talents but unable to fully live out their dream due to the fear of lack of support.
I would be lying to say I didn’t feel the same way.

Just the other day, my own cousin left me hanging! She blew my inbox up trying to get interviewed on my vlog. I said sure why not, anything for family right? Catch tea: I beat her face to the Gawwwds honey! I mean with makeup not my fists my teasippers lol! I had the concealer, bronzer, eyebrows laid…I had it all. I came back ready to interview and she had an excuse to leave all of a sudden! She didn’t come back either! I felt used and disappointed once again.

And this is family.

I know a lot of woman from the city who do make up, catering, event planning, entertainment, you nameit! Don’t forget about the fellas! We have barbers, artists, dancers, etc who share the same frustrations as many of the female business owners. The main thing that all of these entrepreneurs share is that they feel that the support in Kansas City is based on reputation and favoritism not necessary one’s hustle and skill.

This leads to the belief that in order to obtain full success as a Kansas City native, you have to leave state.

I seen an old high school classmate of mine that was on Facebook ranting about the lack of support for her upcoming boutique business. Her name shall rename anonymous buuuut it went a little something like this:

“You b*tches make me sick! Y’all support who you want to support and act like only one person can do the job! It CAN be more than one food caterer, there CAN be more than one makeup artist! …”

I feel where she was coming from but there is one suggestion: share the dream with those who are like minded! Quit talking to these folk who have tunnel vision or not enough vision to see the end of their own damn fate! Talk to some people who’ve traveled where you’re trying to get to, develop some mentors…healthy mentors. Trust me I had to learn that some of your biggest supporters are outside of your family and close friends. That’s real. That’s tea.

Another suggestion is support others just as much as you want support. You can’t complain if you’re not practicing what you preach.

I’ve also spoken with a lot of entrepreneurs that say you can’t expect everyone to respect you right off of the bat. Respect is earned! Give them a reason to give you business or at least acknowledge your craft. It can be just as hard to perfect your craft and build a name in your hometown than it would be in another state.

So to my teasippers☕️ step outside of the horizon, explore everything and stop at nothing! I’m out here with you all hustling too, so believe me when I say don’t stop! We have the dream the hustle is sold separately

That’s real. That’s tea. ☕️

Brii Piercey

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