Still Sippn’: Know who to cut off and who to be careful with

Tuesday April 25, 2017—Still Sippin’

So I guess everyone (including me) is in this era in their life where we’re realizing who is toxic and who is in our corner. Our time has become too precious to waste it on nothing. I get it. Trust me. But not everyone is toxic, some of us have cut people off who were giving us the needed nutrients and vitamins to help us grow into a better person. Then we wonder why we’re torn after certain break ups.

I’m not just talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend either. I’m speaking on good friends, teachers, mentors, siblings and opportunities. We can so boggled up in ourselves that we’re too close minded to open up to ‘real’ sh*t not ‘bull sh*t.

I strengthened the bond with some people and activities that I should’ve cut ties with the moment I felt a connection. I took the advice: “Be stingy with yourself and time” and ran with it. Too bad I didn’t apply it when necessary. For instance, I wasted six months with a high school sweetheart because I ‘thought’ I owed him loyalty. I ‘assumed’ what he was giving me at the time was necessary to my life. I connected with him and strengthened that bond. My consequence was being tied to a soul with a bottomless pit for a heart. The sweetheart went bitter honey! lol

In the midst of giving him attention, I neglected myself of healing time. I deprived myself from opportunities. It was unhealthy loving someone more than myself. You know, never in my 23 years did I think I would let a statement like the previous become a reality in my life. It happened, I’ve acknowledged, embraced the lesson and learned not to dwell on it. Stuff happens. Why do I share this story? Because, (you guessed it) there is someone out there in need of this pep talk. Hell, I need it EVERYDAY lol

Lovely ones, I will say this, know the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Just because someone is farther in life than you…and that’s from the outside looking in (remember that), doesn’t mean they have the gospel print to your life. I had to learn that for myself. Though I don’t have it all mapped out just yet, I know that I have to celebrate the progress. You do too love.

If you’re not where you want to be in life right at this moment, think about it like this; you’re thinking differently about life. I mean you have to be, other than that you wouldn’t be having such a thought. Celebrate that, it’s progress.
A lot of folk say they don’t talk for their health but I do. I talk for those that need life and nutrients spoken into their lives just as much as I need it. After all we go through our lessons not for ourselves but for someone else.

That’s real. That’s tea.


Brii Piercey

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