Still Sippin’ : Introduction


Monday, April 24, 2017—

Hey y’all hey! Long time no read lol Let’s just say I wanted to get it together before I came back to sip tea with you all. My own cup was running over…with bull sh*t! THis is my blog…I can curse right?

To the point.

Still sippin’ talks about the things you guys don’t want to speak on but want to read on. images

 For instance abortion, living with your parents because you’re broke, meeting your husband’s mistress/side piece on social media…you know … a lot of things lol Don’t get me wrong I talk about growth, checkbook balancing and doing yoga/zumba and things of that nature. I speak to EVERYONE. But we’re dealing with real life, real time on the daily. Sure we can escape into the lives of celebrities, politics (with caution) but what about the things that pertain to us…you know the regular folk?

A few disclaimers before we continue this virtual relationship…

No room for the sensitive, we use ebonics around here, we embrace flaws, struggles and strength…not pity parties, we gossip (with a purpose lol) but most importantly we have fun!

To the original ‘teasippers, I’ve missed you all. To the newcomers, grab your cups and welcome aboard!

That’s real. That’s tea.

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Brii Piercey


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