Millenial adulting: Should parents charge their grown children rent?

Hey y’all hey, I got a few questions for the parents out there; would you charge your grown kid rent/utilities if they are still in your home? Let’s tap into it!

Take a sipwimmie.

I’ve spoken with parents along with their grown children of all ages, ethnicities and social class. I wanted to know their stance on this controversial topic. It all started with a Facebook post of a young woman venting. She was pissed that her mother was charging her rent after she just graduated college and returned home. The young lady, who shall remain anonymous, asked me if my mother charged me rent for staying with her. My response was no, then I proceeded to explain to her that everyone situation is different. She wasn’t trying to hear it.

Sis felt that her mother was being too hard on her and expecting too much. A guy hopped on the status and stated, “Your mother owes you nothing past 18 years technically, the fact that you’re even offered the opportunity should be enough,”


Ofcourse a comment troll snapped back with the response, “Sorry that your parents don’t love you bruh, lol. How do you expect to get far in life paying someone else’s debt and finances,”

Dammmmn. (Smokey off of Friday voice).

Some parents explained that the only way they would charge their child rent once becoming an adult is if they weren’t trying to do anything for themselves. Many felt that expecting financial support from an 18-year-old, a fresh college graduate or a young adult who just ran into a tight spot, is out of control.

Other parents felt that charging their grown child rent, or any type of fee is simply preparing them for the real world. In other words, not charging their kid rent as an adult would be enabling them and allowing them to become comfortable living an expese fee lifestyle. After all, everything in the world comes with a price; nothing in life is free.

Honestly, I’m nobody’s parent buuut I am a young adult, a fresh college grad and I’ve even been the 18-year-old without any work experience. Being the adult in a tight spot hasn’t been a fun experience either. From my perspective, if you were raised right, then you wouldn’t feel content with living with mom and pops for the rest of your life. My mother doesn’t charge me rent because I’m doing something with my life, I’m not content with it and I offer to cover expenses when I do have the funds. Point blank period, I’m considerate of her home and I’m conscious of the fact that nothing in life is free. And to the brother who stated that homeboy parents didn’t love him because they charge him rent, I feel sorry for you thinking that financial support serves as gratitude for the amount of love people has for someone.

That’s real. That’s tea.

So, teasippers what do we think? What side are you on? #TeamCharge #TeamNoCharge

Feel free to drop a comment below, talk to me!

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