Ballin’ On A Budget: Weekly meal preps that make sense and save cents!

If I haven’t learned anything else during this entire adulting transition, I’ve learned how to make a dollar stretch! I’ve also learned that I’m not the only one struggling or “ballin’ on a budget”, so why not pass the tea! Now that I’ve started a new job and acquired more bills, I needed a budget adjustment. I don’t always have the time nor funds to eat out during lunch breaks anymore so I had to get creative!

After searching on the web and through my cabinets, I’ve came up with five dishes that could get anyone through the week! And don’t worry, for the health fanatics…it’s healthy! LOL

1. Rice, meat and a veggie!

This one is a favorite and also an easy meal to prepare. Did I mention that it was inexpensive? What you’ll need is a set of tubber ware dishes that you can grab from your local dollar store (Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, etc,.), a bag of rice, your choice meat, and veggie! Meal prepping is all about cooking the main ingredients; you can switch up how you combine the items from the day-to-day basis. Sometimes, I even cook two different meats just to have variety!

2. Traveling Lo’mein

For this dish you’ll need a mason jar, pack of Marachan Ramen Noodles (optional upon preference) ground beef or turkey, and diced vegetable mix. After preparing each of the items seperately, you’ll layer each item in the jar. Personally, I place the meat in first, next the veggies, and then the noodles. That way, when I dump the jar into a bowl i’ll catch all of the necessary flavors! A 12-pack of noodles can go along way!

3. For the love of leftovers!

Did you make Sunday dinner? Great! I hope it was something you loved because the tea is portioning that dish out for the upcoming week! For example, I had baked fish, greenbeans and rice a roni for Sunday dinner. After spending $15.75 at the local grocer, I had lunch for the entire week! (Yaaas!) I saved $60 by not buying lunch or dinner every day. I’m with that.

4. Salad Sentiments

Salads are always a go-to dish. With a salad, you are provided with endless posibilities. For me, I like all the fixings! All of the ingredients for a salad are under $10 dollars, including the meat for the cheaters! For the salad saver, you’ll need: lettuce or spinach leaves, 4-carton eggs, 1-pack of bacon,(turkey, beef or pork), homemade croutons, your choice veggies and dressing! The croutons are actually seasoned bread crumbs that are baked to your liking. The same thing applies with the bacon. You can dice your choice meat and grill it! Boil those eggs, dice the veggies and have that dressing on stand-by! By the end of the week you might have saved a few dollars and few calories! I’m with that!

Teasippers these are only a few of the endless options! There are many ways to fill your stomach without emptying your pockets. I know I’ve missed some! If you have any insights, spill the tea!

Feel free to drop your comments below or send me a message! I love feedback!

That’s tea. That’s real.


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