Don’t worry I’m still conscious: The insights of a Black woman living in a contradictory world

I was going to keep quiet about the issue but I cannot take it anymore! What does it take to prove to a contradictory society that a black woman can still be conscious of self and still wear my sew ins?! That was rhetorical. Here’s a better one, can a woman show her skin and still be considered classy and conscious? There are a plethora of questions that need answers. To those that are curious, let me learn you something with a few insights. I may not speak for all of my “sistahs” but I know I speak for a good portion of us out there.

Take a sip wimmie’

Too much ‘sauce’: When having confidence goes wrong:

How much confidence is a black woman allowed to show before she’s labeled as a source for sorcery and idolism? Obviously, Beyonce’ was a little too much for a vast majority of viewers out there. Can we live?

I personally can attest to this. I’ve been told to humble myself as if I rode on cockiness when in reality I had low self-esteem (at the time). Is it that a woman who moves with exerted poise and confidence is a shame or threat? I think threat.

For example, the beloved Bey’ has too much hot sauce in her bag for many. During her most recent performances she has been candid for making political statements and acknowledgement of ‘black consciousness’. You would think her representation of Oshun, the melanin covered, greek goddess would’ve put a third eye on everyone and a sense of pride but nah. She was slammed for placing herself on a pedestal of royalty and idolatry! Before then, she made headlines as an advocate for the Black Panthers, potentially creating a race war. Damn.

It’s just something about a woman with a voice and position of power that ruffles the feathers of some. (Sips tea)

To weave or not to weave:  Being conscious with bundles

Ladies have you ever been out in public, rocking your natural hair when all of sudden you hear, “Girl, what are you gon’ do wit’ that hair?” Then, you get your fresh braid down with a nice sew in and then you’re “Brainwashed” WTH Trust me, I’ve too turned blue in the face trying to explain my stance on this issue. It’s even more funny when it comes from a black man!

After conversations with friends and family members, black men constantly told me that they love when a woman wears her natural, right? That’s lovely. A week later, I showed those same gentlemen pictures of a natural woman and they were damn near in disgust. LOL. These same black men come with all of these suggestions and critiques on what the woman should do to enhance her beauty! Bruh!

If they gave Lupita the blues, sistahs we have nothing coming! LOL.

I’ve always shot back to judgemental people that, my hair is a canvas for artistic expression! Point, blank, period. One-day, I may feel like Angela Davis or India Irie. The next day, I might holler at Shondale for a lace front installation. Point is, women change their hair for themselves not for you.

This is not to bash the brothers but to enlighten those ignorant to the culture of a black woman. Hell, from the readings, it’s a few school institutions and jobs that need to take heed to this statement. Since when has our hairstyle been an issue for you? (Sips tea)

Showing skin: Covering your class because you’re conscious

According to society, women who wear tight fitting clothing, that reveals their curves and cleavage are a shame to society. This reverts back to the statements and controversial comments made about Beyonce and even young actress, KeKe Palmer. She’s received a lot of slander for her ‘overly’ exposed wardrobe as she hits the streets. Oh, and don’t forget that time Ri-ri stepped on the red carpet with her sheer evening gown revealing everything-from her heartbeat to the birthday suit.

Contradicting the Ri-ri fiscal, is Janelle Monae’, Kansas City native, Monae received slander early in her career for her tuxedo suit wardrobe. Woman can’t win for losing.

But the gag is, true consciousness consist of self-lve, praise, and most importantly confidence! It’s about self-assurance and not giving a damn about what the world has to say.

So, ask yourself this…are you conscious or ‘self’-conscious? Pick one or the other don’t be a fence rider.

That’s real. That’s tea!

What are you insights tea sippers? Do you agree with any of the above statements or nah? Please feel free to drop your comments below! I want to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry I’m still conscious: The insights of a Black woman living in a contradictory world

  1. Hey Sis,

    You know, I was natural about 3 years ago and I got it all from being told my hair was too nappy to being praised for having the courage to go out in public “with your hair natural”. I agree that people just cannot let us live! I love my weaves, my relaxer, when my hair was natural, whatever. I am an advocate for Black everything, and how my hair is styled does not define or limit my blackness. Regardless of how my hair is,my skin tone will always stay the same. People have an issue with it oh well.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I honestly feel those uncomfortable with the culture of black hair are either insecure, intimidated or ignorant on how to compliment lol But the crazy thing is, I receive more love from those who aren’t black! The irony lol


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