Love & Relationships: Why he DIDN’T put a ring on it

Oh this is a touchy subject for many ladies out there. Do you have the one relationship that leaves you wondering why it didn’t work out? What about this one: they (your ex) tells you that they weren’t ready or didn’t want nothing more but a friendship…LOL  Hey sis, maybe it’s you!

Growing up as the only girl in my family and most of the time being the female representative while hanging with my friends…I learned a lot. I’m not going to lie either…I’ve learned a lot from personal experience!

Let’s  get deep shall we?…

Giving it up to fast: I know we’ve all heard many different opinions on this topic but in all honesty…this is major thing to fellas. Men have this contradicting way of thinking. What I mean by this is that, they will shun you for being a virgin…only because they feel it’s too delicate of a situation to dog out. No one wants the blame placed on them. On the other hand, I’ve asked plenty of my homeboys, “why’d you do her like that?” His response, “She gave it up too quick…ain’t no tellin’ who else got it like that,” Hmph. well.
Too “strong minded”: YES, this is a real thing believe it or not. I would re-word it differently but I don’t want to taint anyones words. Now, this is straight out the mouth of one of my ex’s. He had a problem with me being too “strong”…so strong that I ran him away. At first, I took as his loss but now I realize the issue: I spent so much time defending myself against a pain that rolled over from the past. I didn’t know how to be submissive! It’s not that he wanted me to shut up, he wanted me to allow him to feel needed and wanted. The gag is…make sure you’re dealing with a man and not a boy. Be his woman not his mother (no shade intended).
“I’m Crazy”: You claiming to be bipolar isn’t cute sis. Besides it being folk out here really dealing with a mental illness…ain’t nobody got time for that! Show that you care but don’t show your a** I’m sure you may have warned him but have some self control or sit down…no dating for you!  Though there isn’t nothing wrong with a little tounge lashing here and there…LOL.
Basic: Now, this is one I went around and around about but I think I actually get it. When guys speak of a chick being basic, they’re not speaking of the materialistics things (most of them) they’re talking about the intellect of woman, the new experiences she offers and how down to earth she is. I was talking to a guy who dated nothing but “baddies” then ironically settled down with a chick who’s the complete opposite from his norm. You know I was on his head! LOL “Say bro, is this a downgrade?” I broke the ice with that one. “Nah, I mean it’s only a downgrade to the small minded,” Damn. He continues, “She rocks nothing but an afro and lip gloss…but man she taught me things that I didn’t know existed. I couldn’t let another man have that. She’s going places and I just wanna make sure she has a safe landing.” Dude.
Social media tell it all: Are you one of those chicks who runs to social media everytime something happens? Don’t worry I’m not judging (I’ve been there) just trying to clarify! This goes for anything, from sexual content for starters to personal problems. No one needs to know that your man didn’t come home last night to eat the steak and broccoli that you cooked him. Too much sis. Social media has it perks…but please know that it isn’t a shrink. It will not help your issues. LOL Trust me. When posting sexual content especially those dreadful (I’m h**ny) statuses…do us favor…don’t.
Ladies, well there you have it! Just a few suggestions from our fellas. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Let me know! Drop a comment below and share your insights!


That’s real. That’s TEA.


Brii Piercey


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