Don’t forget to live!

“Dear child, do you ever take time to smell the roses?” My 65-year old sister link said to me at brunch. I was taken back that my mentor asked me this…as if I were the stiff one. This was a few years ago, while in the midst of my sophomore year of undergrad. I was trying to do it all. From pledging business, working, community service, sports reporter,..honey the list could go on. I thought doing all of these things were living but they weren’t. They were limiting me of lifes experiences. I was so in a rush to be grown and earn the “super woman” title that I forgot to live in the moment.

Now here I am.

Two weeks after my graduation and two years after my mentor and I spoke on this topic. I now understand what she meant. I can’t quite exactly tell you my likes and dislikes with men, music or movies. I have an idea though. I don’t know where to go for the best margaritas and tacos in my hometown and I cringe at the thought of stepping out of my comfort zone unless it’s for a grade or income lol. Funny right? Many assume this “you’ve been to college, you’ve seen it all and done it all,” True in some instances but I’ve lost a lot of myself in the process of chasing the American dream, Lol I write this to say teasippers: “Don’t forget to live”

I took a trip to South Beach, Miami for the first time in my life and then to Atlanta shortly sfter. I made those trips off of impulsive decisions but that’s what it took to start this living process. I beat myself up about it at first because…well..I’m ballin’ on a budget. Then again, I’m 22 years old, if there’s never a more safer time to bump my head aka live, it would during this era of my life! If you agree, say it with me: “Don’t forget to live” for the year 2017. That’s tea!

How will you choose to live for 2017? Drop a comment and share your plans for the near year!


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