Understanding “Subliminal Haters” 101

Are you sitting, supporting and sharing with a subliminal hater? I tend to ask mself this constantly, especially as I embark new peaks of progression in life. Not sure what  a subliminal hater is? Let me tell you honey!

They’re the ones who are in your face cheesing and maybe even nodding their head at your ideas but when it comes time to put in that supportive work…they flake. OR peep this, they get real quiet when you ask for help! lol They’ll show when it’s beneficial to them. Shade the hell out of your entire life behind your back and scroll past your post on social media. I say this to not exclude these subliminal haters but embrace them and try to actually understand them. Why in the hell would someone fall into the position of a subliminal hater? Why be subliminal putting on the empathetic facade? Truth is, these individuals have some internal issues that discourages them from being real with their damn selves!

Let’s get personal. There are a lot of people jealous of my life and I would be lying if I said “I don’t understand.” People used to  piss me off when they said “I don’t understand.” I now know that it’s because they’re in denial about some internal stuff just like the subliminal. I used say such because I truly didn’t understand why family, “friends” and peers would be jealous of my $32,000 + college debt rate, my 2003 Mustang with 160,000 + miles on it and transmission issues, my broke siblings and I who all live in our Momma’s house, my business space that I have to share with 5 million KC entrepreneurs because I’m too broke to reserve it let alone buy it, own house with a landlord blowing my phone up for this month’s rent…bruh shall I go on? lol.

Then I realized what the hell the issue was. That’s right people I had an epiphany dammit! It’s not the materialistics in my life they’re jealous of (not all the time), it’s the lifestyle itself. It’s the way I carry my smile when I scrape my funds to make ends meets, the walk I have when I have to go to the CSL plasma, donate plasma for $15-$20  a poke, bob my head to my music as my Mustang put-puts up the hill and how my broke siblings and I laugh as we fill up water jugs and burn candles knowing KCPL and Water  company are pulling up at any moment. Lol I get why the hell they’re jealous and frustrated…unfortunately I was once a subliminal hater wondering “how the f*%k are they still standing?”

Remember that statement, “It takes one to know one” ? Yeah, so shawty I know a subliminal hater when I see one. lol You can’t take how I embrace the struggle because you don’t understand my confidence I have for my family’s and I future. You can’t take how I still progress and have the energy to innovate profitable goals. You damn sure don’t understand why I’m taking the time to type all of this. It’s called joining me dammit…obviously because you can’t beat me. You can’t beat me with shade, subliminal posts, non supportive actions but you can enjoy all this game I’m dishing out. That is the game of NOT being a hater, embracing the struggle and have confidence in your own lifestyle. Just then, at that moment, you will take off! You will take off because you don’t have all that hate holding you back. Hell, I’m only doing what was done for me. I wouldn’t have had the dignity to type my truths for y’all a few months ago, nor the patience or pride to lay down this game.

So to my brothers and sister’s warming up them noddle packs mugging the next, be easy, I know why your hating and why your posts are subliminal. Embrace the stuggle and quite running away from it!


All love, Brii Piercey





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