Just Trying to Make it!

What’s Tea KC? So for those who don’t know me, know that I am a realist and I mean that with the up most honesty! (That sounded funny as I typed it …whatever). I’ve been pushing the peddle in regards to my entreprenuerialism…let’s just say it’s been real. I guess everybody has a little “go getter” in them but is it all bark?

Since I’ve began my journey as a future business owner, I’ve come to grasp with the true work that needs to be done in order to “make it”. Not just make it in regards to materialistic items like cars, clothes, etc. but “make it” in the sense of a legacy of “damn right I can make it” being left behind once called home.  I was just asked. “What’s your goal? You know with the TeaKettle and the interviews, I’m just curious.”  I replied,

“My goal is to get as much exposure to Kansas City as possible and let people know about the work that’s going on here!” I want everyone to pursue their passion so that they won’t ever have to punch a clock with regret! Seriously.

My goal is to let folk know we’re all struggling so it’s best to embrace it  rather than let it drive you crazy! Let’s be honest we’re all trying to “make it”. I conclude this blog with love, no hating. Stay driven! All love. –Brii Piercey



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